Spring has sprung, and we’re out of hibernation. Just kidding; Tim never sleeps. Here’s what Industry Garage has been up to in the first quarter of 2022:

The rest of 2022 is going to be wall-to-wall jam packed, so we’re mashing the pedals to get it all done. Here’s what’s coming up for Industry Garage:

  • Parts - We’re expanding our line of S30 parts and adding a new universal part. Here are some of the the parts planned for release later this year:
    • S30 Hood - Fully carbon fiber, bolt-in solution, initially 280-style with vents included, maybe (later) 240-style with no vents.
    • S30 Doors - Fully carbon fiber, more details to follow.
    • Universal Vents - Full prepreg construction, add them to a hood, fenders, trunk - anywhere that needs air flow!
    • TBD - We are also considering S30 rear hatch, fenders, headlight buckets, and rear quarter panels. Let us know what else you think we should make!
  • Projects - We are so excited for these project cars to evolve. Here are the next steps for the builds:
    • The 240Z - Minor general repairs to prepare for track readiness; design and fabricate new rear wing; repair front splitter; update brakes with larger master cylinder and adding a brake booster; and hitting the track. See what comes next for the 240Z!
    • The 280Z - Making more molds; refining parts from the molds; installing revised parts for full carbon fiber conversion; and fabricating parts for sale on our site.
    • Connie - Finalizing the flares per Jon Sibal’s design; installing the carbon fiber roof; full respray in new color; and Dave picking up Connie later this spring. Check out Speed Academy for more!
    • The FE32 - Check out our write up of the build process. Follow the FE32 progress!

Courtney Shannon