DIY Kevlar Kit - Large


Perfect for making your own Kevlar composite parts like a roof, hood, or trunk. Lightweight and impact-resistant! Kit contains:

  • Kevlar Fabric
    • KEVLAR® Twill Weave Fabric from Fibre Glast, 10 yards by 50 inches roll
  • Epoxy Resin and Hardener
    • Fibre Glast 2000 Laminating Epoxy Resin, 1 gallon can
    • Fibre Glast 2060 Epoxy Cure, 1 quart can
  • Release Agents
    • Partall Paste #2, 24 ounce tin
    • Fiber Glast 13 PVA Release Film, 1 quart bottle
  • Mixing and Layup Supplies
    • Fibre Glast Gallon Mixing Set (1-quart paper mixing tubs, 5 qty; 1-pint paper mixing tubs, 3 qty; 9-ounce plastic graduated measuring cups, 2 qty; 4-ounce plastic cups with lids, 2 qty; 1-ounce plastic cups, 2 qty; 9-inch wooden mixing paddles, 5 qty; 6-inch wooden mixing sticks, 5 qty; teaspoon / tablespoon measuring spoon; latex gloves, 8 pairs)
    • Fibre Glast Gallon Starter Kit (7-inch birdcage roller; 7-inch roller covers with ¼-inch nap, 6 qty; plastic roller, 1-inch diameter x 3-inch wide; 3-inch brushes, 6 qty; 2-inch brushes, 6 qty; squeegees, 6 qty; latex gloves, 12 pairs)